Why Invest

We deliver smart solutions

We’re engaged in a large TAM – that by 2030 is estimated to be over 42 billion – with a sound business model and a highly experienced management team. Lidar is expected to be in everything that uses cameras today with applications in the automotive, industrial and mobility industries.
AEye’s business model is capital-light and high-margin based on 4Sight™, a single platform that is software-defined and adaptive across markets. This architecture provides cost-effective development, testing, and implementation driving innovation and creative solutions. Our unique licensing model allows for our Tier 1 automotive partners to manufacture automotive-grade hardware at scale, utilizing our modular architecture and unique operating system software. In industrial markets we use contract manufacturers to build our sensors that we will sell to system integrators. Our business model – combined with our disruptive technology – makes AEye distinctive among its peers, and we believe creates a smart investment opportunity. We are excited about the future and would invite you to learn more about AEye and this interesting area of technology as an investment prospect.

Investment Highlights

Massive Addressable Market
  • Lidar is expected to be in everything that uses cameras today with applications in the automotive, industrial and mobility industries
  • Addressable market forecasted to increase at a 30% CAGR from $3 billion in 2020 to $42 billion in 2030
  • Focused on multiple markets with forecasted 2030 opportunities of $18 billion in automotive, $17 billion in industrial and $7 billion in mobility
Disruptive Technology
  • Software-defined, adaptive, and designed to be upgradable for future requirements, including EV subscription-based programs, without changing hardware
  • Delivers precise, accurate and timely information focusing on what matters most in varied environments and weather conditions
  • High performance patented bistatic architecture allows separate transmit and receive channels enabling intelligence to be introduced at the point of acquisition
  • Modular design and unique sensor-based operating system take advantage of innovation and reduce cost
  • Proven solid-state reliability even in the toughest conditions
  • Adaptive placement options, leveraging software configurability enabling 360° coverage
  • Significant intellectual property portfolio protects technological leadership position
Differentiated and Capital Light Business Model
  • Decision to partner rather than compete with customers drives attractive financial model
  • Only lidar company to utilize a licensing model for automotive sensors
  • In automotive, Tier 1 partners design, manufacture, and market their own unique products based on AEye’s patented 4Sight sensor design and software – leveraging the modular system components manufactured by Tier 2 suppliers
  • The same automotive grade components supplied to Tier 1 Automotive partners are leveraged to build sensors for the Industrial and Mobility markets through partnerships with systems integrators
  • Single platform with shared modular components allows for manufacturing at scale and to bring products in high volumes to multiple markets simultaneously
Marquee customers and partnerships
  • Selected by Continental, one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, as their high-performance sensor with volume production starting in 2024
  • Partnering with Sanmina Corporation, a leading integrated manufacturing solutions company, to handle final assembly and manufacturing for non-automotive markets at commercial scale
  • Working with NVIDIA to bring adaptive, intelligent sensing to the NVIDIA DRIVE® autonomous vehicle platform
Experienced Leadership Team
  • Executive team with deep industry and public company experience delivering breakout products and building enterprise-scale technology businesses
  • Impressive board of directors with extensive, diverse, and complementary backgrounds spanning technology, automotive, venture capital, private equity, and the public sector